Building an ORAC to use with HDR

Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) & Reich's Orgone Accumulator (ORAC)

The first step in creating an ORAC is to lay out a cotton cloth. On top of the flat cotton cloth place a thin strip of metal foil to trap the orgone energy.
ORAC made of cotton cloth and metal foil
Then I roll the two layers (metal and cloth) together to create a thin roll of alternating layers.
Rolling up the ORAC
Create a doughnut shaped ball which I can place inside the witness well of the HDR. It is easy to create an Orgone Accumulator (ORAC) using some thin metal foil and a piece of cloth (must be organic such as cotton or wool).
ORAC complete ready  for HDR

Find out to how to build a simple orgone accumulator or ORAC to use with your Hyper Dimensional Resonator by watching HDR ORAC being built video. This new ORAC can be placed inside the witness well of the HDR to serve as the sample.

Many radionics machines contain rubbing plates that can be tuned to the correct frequency to generate our effect. The HDR is an experimental device that is currently being evaluated.

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