Tuning the HyperDimensional Resonator - HDR

  Hyperdimensional Resonator invented by Steven Gibbs

Start by S-L-O-W-L-Y turning the top dial of the HyperDimensional Resonator,
While rubbing your fingers in a circular fashion on the RUBBING PLATE.

You will feel your fingers start get gummy and stick to the plate, it feels like tacky wet glue starting to dry. As you get closer your fingers get more sticky. It feels like a glue. This is called the "Stick Reaction" When your fingers get stuck, then start to turn the bottom dial. They will finally be stuck to the rubbing plate.

After you have a good stick remove the cords from your head and apply the HDR electromagnet to your stomach chakra for about 5 minutes.

Steven Gibbs, the inventor of the HDR, told me that his HDR gets hot if you leave it on for more than 7 minutes.

NOW. Turn off your HDR unit and wait 10-15 minutes for the effect.

See video of how to tune an HDR.

HDR - HyperDimensional Resonator

Remember that the HyperDimensional Resonator is a radionics machine
and must be tuned correctly in order to get good results.

Steven Gibbs also told me that the Hyperdimensional Resonator can also be tuned
using a pendulum swinging over the HDR box.

My results have not been as good while using the pendulum but you can try this.

HDR created by Steven Gibbs

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