Magnetic Vortex

What is it?

Many of you know about the Oregon Vortex, that is a gravity vortex that distorts time and space through a bend in spacetime.

A magnetic vortex is what exists in the Bermuda Triangle that makes compass go wild and spin like a top. This due to a powerful field and is what made the Philadelphia Experiment possible.

We can locate a magnetic anomaly vortex using an EMF detector also known as gaussmeter. It detects a magnetic anomaly by sensing an unusually high magnetic flux. Now at the strongest point of the reading is where the grid point vortex is located.

Animals are aware of these zones. Dogs avoid them, but cats love to sleep over the grid point. They are also called tellric currents. Some people dowse for them, but I prefer to use an EMF detector or gaussmeter.

Grid points exists where two grid lines cross from the Hartmann Grid. These lines run magnetic north - south and east - west. They are spaced about two meters apart. If the grid point is powerful enough it is called a vortex.

Actually, a time vortex is like a stargate that will allow the user to punch a hole in spacetime and travel to another time and place. Steven Gibbs says that the HDR has this possibility. He says it makes physical time travel doable.

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