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Youtube Prediction

Youtube prediction of TV over IP

First Youtube was lores 320X200 in size. Then it went widescreen to 720p. Later it went full HD to 1080p. This means people now can create commercial quality video.

TV over IP
It was John Titor that said television in the future was over an internet design for high speed access. He was very accurate with this prediction of the future. Few did see it. Back in 2001 a T1 line was $1,000/month and hard to get. This was before AT&T started selling in 2003 DSL for $200/month. Well, now I pay $10/month for broadband. And in many public place you can get WiFi at a cost of zero.

Astral Time Travel
Using astral time travel HDRKID has seen a potential future for us. In it people use computers as part of their daily lives. The TV, phone, games console are all merge into one.

OK some claim this is now obvious, but Google spends over half a billion dollars on bandwidth every year. It is max interesting to see how this changes most websites into a channel for Youtube movies.


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