Steven Gibbs inventor of the HDR in 1985
and other related devices.

Self proclaimed time traveler / adventurer Steven Gibbs claims to have invented the first commercial time machine in 1985 called the HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator which according to him can send people physically through time.Steven Gibbs inventor of HDR

Inventor Steven Gibbs relates an incident where two time travelers gave him the plans to create his very own time machine. Back in those days Steven Gibbs was working on his farm in rural Nebraska His very first time machine was the Sonic Resonator, and he later perfected to create the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

After Steven Gibbs first invented the HDR he sold only a few units, but after an interview on Art Bell he began to make more HDR radionics machines for astral time travel.

In fact, Steven Gibbs says that the original Sonic Resonator required a bar magnet to be use in conjunction with the electromagnet for astral time travel. This new & improved radionics machine (Hyper Dimensional Resonator) was much better than the old Sonic Resonator.

Steven Gibbs called the new improved device the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Not happy with the old HDR Steven Gibbs continued to be always trying to improve his device. He is working on finding out ways to boost the power of the large electromagnet as well as enhance the radius of the high powered magnetic field. The biggest new addition to the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is the Caduceus Coil also called Tensor Coil.

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