What makes the HDR work?

A. HDR uses a Tensor Coil or caduceus coil

Wilbert Brockhouse Smith created the tensor coil during the 1950's
while working on Project Magnet.

This Tensor Coil which Steven Gibbs calls a bifilar winding
creates the time warp when in presence of a high magnetic field.

Smith created the new type of winding called a Tensor Coil or
caduceus coil and found that it created scalar waves.

For more information on the caduceus coil see

The US Government may have used caduceus coils in its
Temporal Transmission Research Project to effect time travel. 

Most of this technology is old Philadelphia Experiment technology.

The USS Eldridge used a pulsed magnetic field to create its "effect".

B. HDR uses a strong pulsed magnetic field

Steven Gibbs HDR incorporates this pulsed magnetic as well as the
caduceus coil to generate its "effect".

According to Steven Gibbs you must be over a grid point magnetic vortex in order to time travel.

A vortex is a dimensional doorway often an area of strange 
paranormal events such as ghosts and UFOs being sighted.

The HDR uses the vortex which is a magnetic anomaly
to punch a hole to the other realm.
HDR box built by Steven Gibbs

C. Detecting a grid point vortex using EMF Detector.

I can detect a vortex by using an EMF detector.

These EMF detectors are used by ghost hunters and other
people interested in paranormal phenomena.

Is there a connection between ghosts and time travel?

I believe that there is because an object that seems vaporous and semitransparent is exactly what I would expect to see if time travel were possible.
Cell Sensor - EMF detector
Cell Sensor an EMF Detector

A lot more research must be done before I can reach conclusions, but the caduceus coil seems to create scalar waves.

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