Steven Gibbs inventor of HDR

Steven Gibbs HDR  Steven Gibbs created the HDR or Hyper Dimesional Resonator in 1985. A device that according to him has the ability to send people physically through time. This HDR / Hyper Dimesional Resonator is according to Steven Gibbs a time machine that can be used to allow physical time travel both to the past and the future.

Although this may seem a bit much, He explains how this process is accomplished in his time travel reports. Using the HDR Steven Gibbs claims to have made 10,000 time travel jumps.

I have also used the Steven Gibbs HDR for time travel jumps and to find out what the future will be like.

Steven Gibbs speaks of an event where two alien time travellers gave him plans to create his very own time machine. Back in those days Steven Gibbs was farmboy back in rural Nebraska His very first time machine was the Sonic Resonator, and he later perfected this device to create the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

Steven Gibbs improves his HDR

In fact more information is available on the HDR in this link called: What makes the Steven Gibbs HDR work.

It seems that inventor Steven L. Gibbs first used his HDR was as a radionics machine for healing, but later he decided to use it for time travel.

Steven Gibbs HDR
Steven Gibbs HDR

In fact, inventor Steven Gibbs says that the original Sonic Resonator required a bar magnet to be use in conjunction with the electromagnet. This new & improved radionics machine (Hyper Dimensional Resonator) was much better than the Sonic Resonator.

Steven Gibbs called his new improved invention the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR.

Not happy with the old HDR Steven Gibbs continued to change it. He worked at finding ways to increase power of the electromagnet and enlarge the diameter of the active magnetic field.

Steven Gibbs latest modification to the HDR is adding a new caduceus coil that he says will make his Hyper Dimensional Resonator even more powerful. The new flat caduceus coil is 7.8 centimeters long in contrast to the old 8.2 centimeter coil he was using before

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