Robots in 2152

What was it like?

Future Robot

Using Steven Gibbs HDR I was able to travel to the year 2152 & 2154. A jump almost 150 years into the future. When I go back typically I place a period item into the Witness Well of the HDR. This item has some kind of a field or force that allows me to tune the HDR. See How to tune. For example, if I wish to time travel to 1995, I can place an object 1995 inside the Witness Well of the HDR

Upon arriving I was asked what I wanted to do and knowing little about 2152 I said I wanted to be a robot repairman. This is because it seermed like a futuristic job, well, it was not that different from being a truck mechanic nowadays. In other words, not all that glam.

Well, just like we do not have a King of America, or a royal court, there is no government in the future. It is like the wild west, but without the sheriff or any rulers. Think of the Youtube Prediction. Nobody tells you what to put on your own channel.

Actually, my job is easy, CarlosX in 2152. You wave a wand over the robot and if the light is green that means it is OK, but if the light turns red, you pop out the module and change it. About as complicated as flipping burgers.

Robots were mostly for one reason.
Basically, the customers were lonely old men, and the robogirls cute young blondes. These robots were supposed to be maids, well maybe french maids. Some of the customers were unable to "perform" they could not rise to the occasion, so they took out their frustrations on the poor robots.


My job was to fix the damaged "appliances" and make them work again until such time as the old guy grew tired of his robogirl. People at work would kid around a lot. They asked me if I was certified to fix the aMANda series. These were hermaphoditic robots. No, I worked on the Amelia series. They were cute blue eyed blondes.

Some old men took robogirls home with them. I found that repulsive, kind of like getting friendly with a toaster.

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